Handling Objections – and How to Sway Them

Handling Objections – and How to Sway Them

How do you handle objections?

Real estate professionals hear objections all the time – it all comes with the job. People in this line of work tend to learn how to grow a thick skin when it comes to hearing “no.” However, objections don’t always mean finality – with some simple marketing skills, “no” can sometimes be turned into “yes!” (Or, at the very least, a “maybe.”) Here are some of the most common objections we hear, and easy ways we can fix them:


Objection 1: “The timing isn’t right.”

This is an objection that clients like to use a lot – “I’d like to buy this home, but it doesn’t feel like the right time,” “Selling sounds great but I don’t know if I should do it now,” etc. Much like anything else, if you sit around waiting for the right time, chances are it’ll never come. The best thing a client can do is take advantage of the market they have in front of them – especially if the market is in a good place. In situations like this, explaining to them (in your professional opinion) exactly why they should seize an opportunity as opposed to waiting just may sway their decision. Everyone likes a good deal, and sometimes all they need is a little push.

Objection 2: “This isn’t the number I imagined.”

Transactions rarely go as imagined in real estate. Yes, you may want to sell your home for the highest possible price, or you may want a few dollars knocked down from a purchase you’re trying to make. But the reality is that those aspirations simply may not be doable. While your client may be unhappy, explaining to them the reality of the situation will be more beneficial in the long run – it may not be ideal, but sometimes, you just can’t get everything you want when it comes to real estate.