Share How Your Profession Rewards You

Share How Your Profession Rewards You

There are many good reasons not only to get in touch with what you find rewarding about your profession, but to share it with your colleagues, your pe

There are many good reasons not only to get in touch with what you find rewarding about your profession, but to share it with your colleagues, your peers, and even your clients. Doing so can benefit your social media presence, your overall morale, your personal development, and your professional network, as well as offer benefits in plenty of other areas of your life.

It may seem at first that considering what rewards you about your profession is a simple mental task – after all, you choose to show up to work every day with at least some level of enthusiasm, so it is obvious that there is some reward in it for you. But after months or years of working in your field, though you know you are getting something out of it, you may not be able to explicitly articulate what that is.

And even if you recognize that you cannot put your appreciation for your field expressly into words, you may not be aware of the benefits of doing so. It is fine that some aspects of your appreciation remain ineffable, is it not? After all, getting it down to a science might detract from the magic.

However, putting it into words is just what allows you to perpetuate the magic. If you understand what you value so much about your work and what it brings to your life, you can capitalize on these elements of your work; you can recall these benefits when your job becomes more frustrating, and you can use your aptitudes and preferences to aid in the direction of your professional development.

How to get in touch with why your work is rewarding

There are many ways to get in touch with what is rewarding about your work. Some of them are more abstract, and some are more formulaic. You can employ any or all of these tactics to get yourself more in touch with what you love best about working in the real estate industry.

To take a more practical approach, you can keep a log of your emotions and motivations for a day or a week. Make a note in an app or recorder on your phone of how your emotions change and what the circumstances are that surround these alterations. At the end of your chosen interval, go back and look for patterns. What parts of your work are most fulfilling for you?

On a more qualitative level, recall the explicitly successful moments of your career: the milestones, the gaps bridged. You likely feel rewarded by your profession in scenarios other than rousing successes, but these are easy targets for recalling just what your career means to you. Meditate on these memories and reflect on your emotional fulfillment; think about how the choices you make daily fuel successes just like these.

Share your fulfillment with clients and colleagues

Once you are aware of why specifically your profession is valuable to you, don’t just keep it to yourself! Share it not only with your professional network, but with current and prospective clients and on social media channels as well. One of the most important testimonials on your website could be your own!