Professional Recommendations To Keep In Your Back Pocket

Professional Recommendations To Keep In Your Back Pocket

As a real estate agent, you are not only your clients' link to the buying or selling of a home, but their link to their communities and the world. You

As a real estate agent, you are not only your clients’ link to the buying or selling of a home, but their link to their communities and the world. You are a professional, and your opinion, as it should be, is of value to your clients; otherwise, they would not have given you their business.

In order to benefit both your professional network and your relationships with your clients, you can make use of your knowledge of the community and even the national landscape to offer recommendations to your clients. There may be a service or provider that could make their lives much easier, which means that by extension, you have made their lives easier. They will remember you for that.

Home improvement specialists

You can recommend home improvement specialists to both clients who are selling and clients who are buying a home. For clients who are buying a home, ask them what changes they are looking to make and recommend someone from the community to help them make those improvements at some point before or after they get settled.

Examples of these types of professionals include landscapers, interior designers, and painters. These types of professions all require different skill levels, and even within a single profession, skill levels can vary. Identify how much your client wants to spend and how important the improvements are to them, and give them a couple of options for recommendations based on their answers.

If your client is selling their home, it is important to have a conversation with them about what improvements they want to make in order to make their home more attractive to buyers. This means that you and they need to estimate how much their home would increase in value as a result of each of the proposed improvements, and whether they would be worthwhile investments to make.

Ongoing maintenance specialists

Owning a home means constant upkeep in a plethora of areas. To help make this task more manageable, you can recommend to your clients who are purchasing a home services like electricians, cleaning services, installation services for anything from carpets to cabinets, and property care services.

Again, this is a scenario in which it will benefit you to have a working knowledge of what the community offers. Making these contacts is an excellent way for your clients to get situated and feel comfortable in the community. They may even have a neighbor who cuts lawns as a side job, and this could be a great way to introduce them.

Publications and resources

While you can be of great help, you will not have all the answers, and neither will any single person your clients speak with. Give the gift that keeps on giving and offer your clients suggestions on publications and other resources that can give them home inspirations, answer their questions, or even help them find others who are going through similar life transitions.

Sometimes, intelligence and preparedness come down not to having all the answers, but in knowing where to look. This type of recommendation can empower your clients to become better people, consumers, and homeowners as they continue on their journey.