Discipline: What Should You Be Doing Every Day?

Discipline: What Should You Be Doing Every Day?

Discipline and motivation are the keys to success.

disciplineWhat do you do to motivate yourself as a real estate professional? In this field, having strict discipline is extremely important. There are so many enormous, long-term tasks on top of the small, day-to-day tasks that riddle your work week. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of everything with the myriad deadlines you have on any given basis. Motivation is key, and there are some steps we’ve condensed to help with said motivation – so let’s get motivated!

1. Begin with your goals.

This can be as simple as reaching a daily quota of follow-ups or putting the finishing touches on a promotional project that you’ve been working on for months. Either way, begin each day by knowing exactly what you need to tackle – just make sure you make it reasonable! Setting reasonable goals for yourself each day will help you stay on top of things and will give you something to look forward to completing throughout the day.

2. Practice makes perfect.

There is no one surefire way to close a deal or give a killer listing presentation – every great real estate professional has crafted their business skills to fit their strengths, and sometimes it takes some tweaking to get right. This is something that you should be constantly working to perfect, and keeping that in the back of your mind will motivate you to do even better each time – after all, practice is the best way to become a master!

3. Don’t be shy.

Call, email, even text leads – just make sure you don’t become too pushy with it. There comes a point in time when backing off becomes necessary, but a little persistence is also required in order to gain the number of new clients that the real estate field calls for. Don’t be shy to make those calls or compose those messages! While it may seem excessive to you, clients tend to respect friendly reminders and general information that’s given to them – that’s what keeps them coming back for more!