Making the Most Out of Virtual Tours

Making the Most Out of Virtual Tours

Clients love virtual tours - here are some tips for making the most of them:

virtual toursVirtual tours are becoming more and more popular in real estate, with many prospective clients wanting a way to see the interior of a home they are interested in before they take a physical tour of it. This makes sense – it wouldn’t make sense to schedule a showing if you know right away that there are parts of the home that won’t fit the needs of you and your family. Virtual tours can be a great way for interested buyers to make an initial decision about whether or not they want to pursue the home. Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Stage it up.

Just like in a physical showing, staging is important. If the home seems too plain or uninviting, some people may lose interest, even if the layout is what they’re looking for. Buyers want to be able to visualize what the home will look like when they’re living there – so adding some décor, letting in natural light, and sprucing the place up a bit overall will peak their interest.

2. Make your picture perfect.

Be smart about how you film/photograph the home – do it during strong sunlight hours where you won’t have to rely on flash or artificial lighting to get a good shot. Using flash or lamps can make parts of the house seem altered and sharp, and simply won’t look as good as the soft lighting that sunlight allows. Focusing on the angles in which you film can also open up the rooms more – play around and see what areas create the most appealing snapshots of space. You want your buyers to see a home as open and inviting, not small and cramped.

3. Utilize social media.

Using tools such as the Facebook 360 feature, Instagram stories, Boomerang, or Snapchat can allow your followers to see the highlights of the home. Remember to always provide a link to the full virtual tour as well, as these sneak peaks may lead them to desire more information regarding the home!