Networking: How to Network When You’re an Introvert

Introverted? No problem! We have networking tips for you.

For some, networking is a breeze – meeting new people, talking business, having a laugh, and exchanging information – what could be better than that? But for others, it simply sounds like an ominous ten-letter word. While many real estate professionals are known for their exuberant personalities, others feel more comfortable communicating with clients and colleagues behind the privacy of a screen. This begs the question – how do you network when you’re an introvert?


1. Prepare questions/talking points beforehand.

If striking up a conversation with new people doesn’t come easily to you, it may be beneficial to have some questions or specific topics of conversation in mind before going into a conference or networking committee. That way, if you have a general answer in mind, you won’t freeze up when someone asks you a tough question.

2. Bring someone with you.

Conferences are meant to be collaborative events in the first place, so it isn’t wrong to bring along a friend or colleague with whom you’re close, in order to ease some of the tension. It may even make it easier to approach groups if you have someone else by your side.

3. Approach other people who are alone.

If you find someone standing by the buffet table alone, they are probably in the same boat as you. This would be a great person to strike up a conversation with, because you are most likely both just as uncomfortable as the other – why not make the event less awkward for the both of you?

4. Listen, listen, listen.

If it is difficult to start a conversation, you don’t necessarily have to – just being in a group and listening to others is still a great networking strategy. No one likes the person who talks about themselves the entire time anyway. Listening is just as strong of a characteristic as talking is, and you may just hear something about someone that you can connect with.