Top Podcasts For Agents And Teams

Top Podcasts For Agents And Teams

Listening to podcasts can educate and inspire you and your team.

Being an agent means never truly being off the clock. While it is important to take time off for self care, personal development, and good-old-fashioned R&R, proactive use of time demands that even when you aren’t meeting a client, leading a team, or closing a deal, you continue to educate yourself and equip yourself with resources in an evolving world.

TEDTalks can be a great way to get started, as they provide bite-sized chunks of information on specific topics from industry leaders. Once you have treated yourself to a few, however, you will hopefully have the background and inspiration to forage through the vast catalogue of podcasts at your disposal.

Podcasts can be used for team building or for individual education and conceptualization. You can listen to them at the office, on the way to and from work, or as you’re winding down at night. You can recommend them to your colleagues as points of discussion. You can use them as jumping-off points for research into topics that intrigue you or professionals you admire.

Here are a few podcasts that can be useful to agents, their teams, and business professionals in general.

Harvard Business Review Ideacast

Not all useful resources are real estate specific. Real estate represents a cog in a vast economic and social machine, and the more you understand the mechanisms at play, the better equipped you’ll be to take advantage of any situation from a variety of angles.

The Harvard Business Review Ideacast is ideal for team leaders. It covers topics ranging from marketing to management, entrepreneurship to economics.

The Tom Ferry Podcast

This podcast represents the voice of a seasoned industry professional. It is especially useful for coaches and team leaders, but there is something for everyone. Ferry does a respectable job collecting and capturing the many facets of the real estate business, from starting your own business to leading large teams.

Agent Caffeine

One of the most valuable aspects of this podcast is that it highlights the increasingly intertwined relationship between real estate and technology. With interviews and research to pad these interesting topics, it is a must-listen for anyone who wants to remain on the cutting edge of the technological world.

Real Estate Coaching Radio

Whatever your experience with a real estate coach, this podcast can add to your repertoire. It is unique because it offers actionable advice for the here and now. While planning for down the road and setting goals is indispensable, the only way to sustain movement and motivation toward those goals is to take little steps each day.

One of those little steps can simply be tuning in to a podcast. By doing so, you are setting yourself up for education and inspiration, and when a team leader is educated and inspired, the team itself reaps the benefits.