Team-Building: Encouraging Inclusivity

Team-Building: Encouraging Inclusivity

Encouraging inclusivity within your real estate team will lead to a better work environment.

inclusivityAll real estate teams function differently and have different missions from their competing teams. Maybe some focus on local real estate, maybe some have a more commercial stance, maybe some are technology-driven, while others like to create more personal relationships. But one thing must remain common among all these teams in order for them to work: inclusivity. This is the foundation of any team, no matter what field it is in, and there are reasons why inclusivity helps business to prosper:

1. Happy employees equal happy clients

It is just a known fact that people work better when they are happy. If a team member is miserable, doesn’t feel heard, or simply doesn’t fit well with the rest of the team, a client will notice. It is the job of the broker to determine how well new hires will fit the mold of the team they have created, and to make sure that all of their team members are happy and collaborative. In the end, if a team does not function well, a client will not want to take part in business with them.

2. Easier teamwork skills

Inclusivity enhances collaboration. If team members get along well together, it will be much easier for them to accomplish teamwork-related tasks. If they do not, many team members will go into tasks feeling frustrated and may leave feeling angry. It is important to make sure that all team members are comfortable voicing their opinions and, comparatively, that they also are all willing to hear one another. If not, even the simplest assignments may not be efficiently completed.

3. Building off of strengths

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to realize that within a team setting, especially among the members of the team. If there is a strong level of inclusivity among team members, then it will be easy to determine which members are strongest at certain tasks, and which may be better at others. This way, everyone will be aware of their responsibilities, and there will be no confusion or competition within the team itself. Overall, inclusivity develops much stronger work habits and professional relationships.