Advice for New Real Estate Agents

Advice for New Real Estate Agents

Some helpful tips for today's new real estate agents.

new real estate agentsBecoming new real estate agents isn’t easy – it is a difficult, meticulous, time-consuming job, but it has a lot of reward if you do it correctly. There is a lot that you’ll learn on the job throughout your professional real estate career, but there are a few things that can make it much easier:

1. Give everything a chance.

It can be difficult to find your groove when you first begin. Not everything works for everyone, but everything does work for someone. Many new agents will make the mistake of jumping from one lead generation software to the next because they are not seeing immediate results. Give everything you do a fighting chance to work, and if it doesn’t within a reasonable amount of them, then you can move on to something else.

2. Understand rejection.

Rejection is simply a part of the real estate field – there is no way around it. Most agents see rejection more often than not, and it is something that you have to understand going into it, or else you will feel like you’ve failed. We’re here to tell you firsthand – you haven’t. Even agents who have been in the business 20 years see rejection. You take it, you learn from it, you brainstorm what you can do differently in the future, and you apply it to the next client you see. Real estate is all about trial and error – you live and you learn.

3. Give yourself a routine.

Real estate can sometimes be an unpredictable field. Some weeks will have more meetings than others, there will be slow seasons and fast-paced seasons, and as you grow, so will your client based. Giving yourself a routine will help you control this a bit. Set aside designated times for meetings, showings, and in-office work. If you need to push schedule some appointments for the following week when you aren’t as busy, then do so. Real estate changes constantly, and setting aside a routine for yourself will help tremendously in accommodating for these changes.