Common Client Superstitions

Common Client Superstitions

Have you ever noticed any of these client superstitions?

As Halloween quickly creeps up on us, it felt fitting to review some common client superstitions – and how to handle them. No, we’re not talking about someone who won’t walk under a ladder while a home is under construction or cut across a room where a black cat is lounging during a showing. Some of the superstitions listed below are actually very common, and some even stem from religious beliefs – so it is important to be mindful of any superstitions your clients may have, no matter how you may perceive them.

client superstitions

1. Refusing to look at a home where someone has died.

This is an extremely common one, and one that’s pretty understandable. The idea of death makes everyone’s skin crawl a little bit, especially knowing the place in which someone has passed away. Some superstitions go even further, such as believing a home may be haunted by the spirits of those who departed within it, or believing that a home has bad vibes since death occurred there. This isn’t really one you can argue with – it is always important to disclose when a death has occurred within a home, and if a client seems uncomfortable with that information, it is best to simply move on.

2. Using numerology to decide on a home.

Yes, believe it or not, some clients use numerology as a way to choose their home. There may be a number that they believe has a strong correlation with a coinciding event, word, or idea, and they may try to incorporate those mystical aspects into their home search. The best thing to do in this situation is to try your best to find a home that suits their numerology wishes – chances are, they won’t be interested in a home that doesn’t.

3. Practicing feng shui.

Feng shui is the act of staging objects in certain ways in order to increase good vibes, positive energy, and better luck within a certain place. Don’t be surprised if you have a client who asks to move around some furniture in order to allow for “better feng shui” – as long as it’s okay with the seller, it is a great way for certain clients to feel more comfortable during a showing, and to be able to better decide if a home is for them.