Real Estate Marketing: The Creative Route

Real Estate Marketing: The Creative Route

It is no doubt that the growing technology has allowed for more intricate, original ways of gaining sellers.

It is no doubt that the growing technology has allowed for more intricate, original ways of gaining sellers. This has opened up a new wave of creativity within the field of real estate marketing.

Because of these technological advances, there is now a plethora of new online marketing methods through social media. Whether a listing is posted through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or business platforms like Great Agent, the opportunities for advertisement have greatly expanded.

What do sellers want?

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Sellers have become increasingly more attracted to creative business advances on the part of their agent, as opposed to more traditional business advances. Because of this, creativity skills have become an essential component to an agent’s career.

As a seller, at the end of the day, you have one specific end goal. You want to sell your house for the most money, with the least amount of effort exerted on your end. In order to do this, you want to find an agent that has the most experience with real estate marketing. Those who know how to creatively advertise will have the strongest abilities in marketing a house. More branding equals more money; hence, creative marketing also equals more money.

What should agents do?

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As an agent, this is important information to take into consideration. For example, if a potential seller notices that an agent’s Facebook page has had strong success in broadcasting listings, they may be more inclined to conduct business with that specific agent, as opposed to another agent they may have previously been meeting with.

Social media creates a tangible way for the sellers to view an agent’s creative professionalism. Therefore, if an agent is not well-versed in the creative route of real estate marketing, they may possibly be kicked to the curb. Don’t sell yourself short by strictly practicing traditional marketing tactics. Newspapers simply don’t attract as many potential homebuyers as they used to. It is time to cut out the old, in order to make way for the new. Let your creative marketing side shine.