Automated Digital Advertising: Winning the Listing Game

Automated Digital Advertising: Winning the Listing Game

Advertising can be difficult for agents, but brokers can help them out.

automated digital advertisingThe listing game is difficult – you have to make sure you are advertising the listing in the right place, to the right people, at the right time. There is no doubt that finding the sweet spot between all three can be challenging.

Agents have a lot on their plates already when it comes to working with buyers and sellers – the thought of adding advertising on top of all their duties can seem more than just a bit daunting. However, brokers can help out their agents with advertising listings through the use of automated digital advertising.
Renowned by real estate professionals everywhere, Adwerx Enterprise’s Automated Listings Advertising Program™ is a great way to transition your brokerage into automated digital advertising. It states directly on their main page that, “60% of sellers demand digital promotion for their listing. Yet the majority of agents don’t provide it.”

Why is that, exactly? Many times, the lack of advertising by agents is due to not having the right resources, knowledge, or time to do so. That’s where brokers can step in! Adwerx Enterprise implores brokers to “Stop leaving it to your agents. This is your brand we’re talking about here!”

It makes sense that brokers would take charge of advertising, because they can make sure that it remains consistent across the board. You know your brand best, and this program can help you create the best advertisements you can think of. According to Gina LaPlaca, from RE/MAX Gold in California, “We had to find a new way to be different, and I feel like Adwerx really sets us apart.”

If you’re looking for a new way to advertise your listings, automated digital advertising would be a great way to go – many brokers have had good luck with the Adwerx Enterprise program, and you could too!