Why Agents Will Always Be Needed

Why Agents Will Always Be Needed

You can't dispose of agents - there will always be a market for them.

If you are an agent, you are an indispensable part of your community. Technologies change, markets change, new policies and procedures are added or tweaked in real estate, but there will always, always be a need for agents.


Why? To put it simply, clients want them. With the ever-changing real estate market, there has been talk among the field of how many agents will actually be needed in the future. There are artificial intelligence systems that can help clients find information, virtual reality tours that clients can take to view homes they are interested in, and even electronic signature platforms where clients can sign a closing lease without ever physically meeting with an agent.

The expansion of technological real estate systems, as helpful and amazing as they are, are beginning to make some real estate professionals a bit nervous. However, there shouldn’t be any reason to fret. At the end of the day, clients tend to appreciate the hospitable touch more than answering to a machine. If there was anything to worry about, indie brokerages wouldn’t still be thriving – which they very much are.

Agents create a sense of locality and they tend to be extremely involved members of their community. Having a cup of coffee with your agent or seeing them at a state fair with their family is something that can never be replaced.

According to top-producing agent Jim Walberg from San Francisco, “We run our business wide and deep and only focus on [the number of people in our database] who we are ready to serve at any time.”

I believe that says it best. So, if you are an agent, be proud of your title, and take solace in the fact that you will always be wanted and needed. You’ll never go out of style.