Innovative Ways to Generate Leads Online: A 3-Step Guide

Innovative Ways to Generate Leads Online: A 3-Step Guide

According to digital marketers, traditional advertising is dead. Jump aboard the Digital Age.

Traditional advertising is dead. Long gone are the days of billboard signs, direct mail flyers and radio/TV spots as the focal marketing strategy for real estate agents. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is in its heyday. Successful real estate agents have a refined online marketing arsenal that they are using to generate leads. Here are a few innovative ways to generate leads online.

Innovative Ways to Generate Online Leads:

First off, the central focus of any agent should be to have a strong website. A clean design, good headshot, and a blog are all key features that your website must have. Agents should outline the markets they work in and give insight to potential homebuyers. A blog with meaningful content can help the agent show up higher on Google. This is perhaps the most important factor to help generate leads online. Agents with a high Google Pagerank simply get more leads (more impressions).

Once this is accomplished, agents should look at SEO marketing as a tool to help them generate leads. SEO (search engine optimization) allows for an agent to show up in specific Google keyword searches. For instance, with a strong SEO campaign, an agent can be one of the first search results when homebuyers search for agents in their market. Agents pay for the clicks they get to their website, which makes this very cost effective.

Furthermore, agents can turn to Facebook and Instagram advertising as an alternative, innovative way to generate online leads. These two platforms are among the top 5 most visited websites online, so the impressions are there. With targeted marketing on these platforms, agents get tailored leads. Another method agents are using is to hire an influencer to post about your agency. These social media mavens have large, organic followings that can turn into potential leads for the agent.

Transition to the Digital Age

By having a strong website, advertising effectively, and utilizing social media, any agent can generate leads online. Agents used to traditional methods can transition seamlessly to the digital age. There are many innovative ways to generate leads online, all of which are more cost effective and more efficient than old methods.