How to Successfully Stage an Open House

How to Successfully Stage an Open House

An open house is your chance to leave a great first impression on the potential clients - learn more how to ensure everything's perfect.

open houseAn open house is the first thing a potential buyer will see, which can either intrigue them further into the buying process or turn them away from the home altogether. There are numerous tips and tricks to stage an open house in order to entice potential clients to seek business further. By following these surefire ways, you’ll receive positive feedback throughout the buying process, and may even be looking at multiple offers:

First stop – listing.

First and foremost, the home must be listed properly in order for people to show up to open house events. By using listing platforms such as Zillow, BoomTown, or Great Agent, your home will be on display for the public to see. This will garner more foot traffic into the open house since more people will know about it in advance.

“Free” is a key word.

Many open houses will offer free food or small door gifts in order to intrigue more people to take a look. This is a strong tactic because people may come for the freebies – but they’ll stay for the house. Many realtors have actually ended up landing deals simply by offering fresh-baked cookies or plastic company cups at the door. No one can turn down something free!

Color coordination.

People respond well to matching colors, and this is something that realtors try to incorporate throughout the home during an open house. They may find a central color in the walls of the living room, and try to incorporate that same color through decorations in the other rooms of the house as well. People subconsciously respond positively to similarity and routine, and by seeing certain repeating colors throughout the home, many people will feel warm and welcomed.

Decorate, decorate, decorate.

Going off of color coordination, decorations are also an integral part of open houses. Decorations are what turn houses into homes. No one can feel comfortable in a room with bare walls and minimalist furniture. Many realtors will bring in throw pillows, paintings, wall hangings, etc., in order to spruce a place up. After all, no one will want to buy a house if they feel as if they were walking through an asylum.