How to Make Your Listing More Appealing

How to Make Your Listing More Appealing

4 simple tips to spruce up your listing:

listingIf you’ve ever helped someone buy a home, you’ll know the importance of how to present a listing. It is the first part of a home that a client sees, and if it doesn’t look appealing from the beginning then they won’t continue to pursue it. There are a few precautions you can take before publishing a listing, in order to ensure that it attracts more people:

1. Walls

The key with walls is to paint them a solid, neutral color. Colors that are too dramatic may turn clients away from the beginning, especially if they think it’ll be too much work to paint over them. Colors such as eggshell, ivory, or beige are always safe – and they emit a calming, classic aura throughout a room.

2. Appliances

Always make sure that the appliances in a home are up-to-date. If a potential client can see that an appliance is old from a listing, it may be an automatic turn-off. Appliances are pricy, and a hassle to replace, so it is important to make sure that they are working and updated before showcasing them in a listing.

3. Fixtures

This is another part of the home that should be updated before presenting a listing of said home. Broken or damaged fixtures make a home look old and dilapidated, and no one wants to purchase a home that looks like it may fall apart. Something as simple as replacing some of the fixtures within the home may add a bit more elegance to the way it is presented, and will attract more interest.

4. De-cluttering

It may seem to go without saying, but many agents overlook mess and clutter within a home when publishing a listing. Anything unnecessary in the room should be put away, especially for listing purposes (papers, notebooks, clothes, shoes, bags, etc…) A listing is supposed to show off the best parts of the home, and it is hard to see what a room has to offer if there is a mess covering it up. They idea is to make each room look as pristine as possible – this is the best way to guarantee that you’ll attract potential clients.