Selling Homes in a College Town

Appealing to college students is an important concept to grasp as far as selling on-campus housing goes.

college townReal estate professionals have the power to appeal to multiple audiences when selling homes. For many, their marketing strategies change depending on the age group of the client they are helping. This is especially important when selling in college towns – although most won’t actually be buying a home, it is not uncommon for college students to rent out houses or apartments off-campus during their schooling experience. Here are some things to consider when selling in a college town:

This will likely be many students’ first real estate experience.

Before this, your client most likely lived at home or on campus and therefore never had to maneuver real estate logistics before. It is important to explain everything carefully to first-time renters because they will not know how to go about singing a lease or meeting with a landlord. Everything needs to be spelled out individually, even in areas where it might not have to be when working with an experienced homebuyer.

Key areas to emphasize.

The first and most important one being: renting a home or apartment will most likely be significantly cheaper than paying for a room and board on campus. Campus living is ridiculously expensive in many colleges, and students actually get a bargain from living off campus and paying rent. This is a crucial point to be made because many clients may be unaware of how much they’ll actually be saving in the long run – which could sway their decision for the better.

Another important point to mention is that of the landlord: not all landlords rent out places to college students. Because of this, a home or apartment for rent may be difficult to find. If you did manage to find a good one, it is worth mentioning to your client – because he or she may not be able to find another.