The American Dream Home: What Are Buyers Looking For?

The American Dream Home: What Are Buyers Looking For?

Everyone wants to find their dream home - here's what clients are looking for:

dream homeWe have all heard of the American dream – but what about the American dream home? Digital Third Coast conducted a study depicting what clients look for in a dream home – we’ve compiled some of the most intriguing answers.

According to the study, the three most popular words used to describe the subjects’ dream home were:

1. Comfortable
2. Cozy
3. Spacious

This isn’t surprising, considering everyone wants to feel at home in their dream home. But what else did this study entail?

For starters, it looked at areas of interest among the subjects. It demonstrated that millennials would want their dream home located in the suburbs, boomers at the beach, and Gen-Xers in the country. Millennials also demonstrated a stronger interest in modern homes, while older generations preferred more traditional or ranch styles.

The survey also found that the subjects were willing to spend an average of $1.3 million on their dream home, and millennials were willing to kick in an extra $200,000 on top of that. While that is certainly a lot of cash to shell out on one home, many of the subjects stated that they would be willing to spend a considerable amount of money if they found the house of their dreams.

In terms of space, the average amount of rooms desired within the dream home was 7.5, although millennials typically answered with a slightly smaller number, averaging at 5.67. This may seem like a hefty amount of rooms, but many of the subjects stated that they would want the extra space to entertain guests and have family over – one of the main keywords for this study was “spacious,” after all.

This study relayed some interested information that we believe could go a long way in the real estate community. As a real estate professional, it is certainly something to keep in mind, especially when helping clients find a home – you might just be able to find them the home of their dreams.