Using Emotional Intelligence in Real Estate

Using Emotional Intelligence in Real Estate

It is important to be knowledgeable of the emotions of oneself as well as others.

emotional intelligenceEmotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand the feelings of others and to react accordingly. Real estate professionals are responsible for doing this on a regular basis. Since real estate is such a large communication-based organization, it is important to know how to interact with others in a healthy manner. Here are some simple tips to remain emotionally intelligent with clients:

Avoid slandering your competition

If an agent constantly attacks other competitive real estate firms in front of clients, they may begin to view him as an unprofessional worker, or worse yet, an emotionally unstable person. There are thousands of real estate firms out there, and it is no secret that they are all competing with one another. It is best to simply refrain from discussing your competitors altogether when talking to a client about business. It is possible to tell them what you offer without attacking the offerings of other companies.

Stick to the facts

Since agents are supposed to emit personable characteristics due to the nature of their job, it may be difficult to draw the line when sharing personal information. Because of this, it is best to stick strictly to facts instead of sharing personal stories or opinions. This could lead to arguments, controversies, or hurt feelings, which would not look good for anyone. In a field where impressions are key, it is important to remain friendly but also to refrain from sharing too much about oneself. Facts are the way to go.

Show empathy

Selling and buying are both difficult and emotional processes for clients to go through. If a person is selling a home, they are also selling all the memories they have associated with it. If a person is buying a home, they are making an investment on something that will be their source of refuge for a long period of their life. Being empathetic means showing an understanding of what your clients feel and acting as a caring, compassionate human being rather than just a salesman. Real estate is a people business after all, and a cold and indifferent agent is always a bad sign for customers.