How Automation Helped One Team Close $1 Billion in Residential Real Estate

How Automation Helped One Team Close $1 Billion in Residential Real Estate

How did marketing automation help Big Block Realty close $1 Billion in Residential Real Estate sales this year? Let's take a deeper look into the tool that can simplify the entire buying and selling process. Don't waste time on the mundane tasks, allow a platform to work for you instead.

Converting leads is often one of the most difficult aspects of being an agent. It is a long, personal process and one that requires you to always pay attention. Luckily, marketing automation makes the process a little easier.

Marketing automation is essentially taking your real estate marketing efforts and putting them through software. Efforts such as texting, tweeting, blogging, emailing, and posting on social media are now automated by software. So instead of manually sending every single post and tweet, you let the software do the heavy lifting for you. During the time you save, you can be doing something really useful such as helping clients instead of remembering to press “Send” on an email or newsletter. In other words, marketing automation tools facilitate your marketing tasks thus allowing for more efficient time allocation.

Using Automation for Leads

Marketing automation can also do other tasks, and they are not limited to posting tweets and blog posts. The Intelligent CRM by Great Agent is a tool that can help you convert your leads. CRMs or Customer Relationship Management systems can store contact data, set up reminders, and automate marketing tasks. When it comes to lead conversions, CRMs help big time. A CRM like Great Agent even has a 21 step qualification process, ensuring that your lead is of the highest quality. Some of the steps include eliminating known spammers and checking phone numbers against a honeypot list. This intelligent CRM also makes sure that the number provided is connected to the U.S. phone network and is actively used.

By using CRM tools, converting a lead becomes much easier.

Furthermore, the tool also allows you to see what property prompted the lead to sign up in the first place. You can observe how long they stayed on your site and what their favorite properties were. On top of that, you will be notified by text message and e-mail immediately so that you may contact them while they are still interested. All of the said simplifies the process and allow you to capture the lead’s interest quickly.

Of course, this does not mean that you can expect to just turn on your software and do nothing else. The blog posts, tweets, and emails all still need to be written, but the marketing automation tools make the process much more smooth and hassle-free. The same applies to market leads. While you will still need to contact them and turn that lead into a closed deal, the process can be markedly streamlined by these tools. Big Block Realty, a Billion Dollar brokerage in San Diego, is one example of a team who has made making a marketing automation tools such as Great Agent work for them. Take an example of Big Block and allow marketing automation tools to do the boring stuff. Try out Great Agent or another player in the field today, you won’t leave disappointed.