Too Snowy for Spring: How this is Effecting Real Estate

Too Snowy for Spring: How this is Effecting Real Estate

Springtime is the perfect time to buy real estate - however, it doesn't seem as if spring has arrived yet.

real estateThe real estate market is usually a hotspot in the spring. But what if that warm weather never arrives? This is what real estate professionals along the East Coast have been facing at the beginning of this spring season.

There has been a nor’easter moving along the East Coast, and just last week many states along the eastern border saw a snow storm – on the first day of spring, no less. This is an issue for the real estate market because history has shown that clients generally do not like to make a purchase during the winter months – and with the winter months on a seemingly continuous loop, this spring season isn’t looking too bright for realtors.

While this is unfortunate, the only route that real estate professionals can take is a positive one. Business may be slow, but the promise of extraordinary service may draw in customers anyway – regardless of the weather being less than ideal.

There are some incentives that sellers may be willing to make this spring as well, such as lowering the asking price of their home in order to attract more prospective clients – people always like a sale, no matter the season.

Hopefully it will begin to warm up soon, and maybe then more buyers will be on the market. But until then, we must continue with business as usual, even if that may include a slower season. Either way, excellent service and possible incentives are always good to keep in the back of your mind. A lowered sale is better than no sale at all, and sometimes it is the only way to receive a bite from uninterested leads. At this point, all we can do is keep an eye on the market and hope that it begins to move along soon – if not, those are some other business tactics to keep in mind that may get the ball rolling.