Time Management Skills That Will Lead to More Appointments

Time Management Skills That Will Lead to More Appointments

Time management can be tricky but it can be extremely beneficial to business.

Time management: that skill that everyone puts on their resume but very few people actually know how to do well. The truth is, time management is a hard skill to grasp – if your listing appointment isn’t until Thursday, it generally makes the most sense to start it on Wednesday, even if that is not the most efficient. I mean, there are other things we can be doing with our time instead, right? But time management, and essentially being prepared in advance overall, can be very beneficial to you – and may even lead to more appointments in the long run.

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The main idea is to stay focused and to prioritize. Appointments should always be at the top of your to-do list, even if that list stretches out several feet, and your appointment isn’t for another couple of days – it doesn’t matter. Appointments are the end-all-be-all to real estate. The face-to-face interaction with clients is such an important part of the field, and the clients that want to meet with you are generally the ones that are the most interested. They become the priority.

To do this, you need to schedule your time around appointments and the possibility of making appointments. Booking appointments and going on appointments should take precedent over everything else. Don’t book anything else during the day that you have an appointment, because you should focus all your energy into that client without being preoccupied elsewhere.

It is also important to try to intersperse these meetings throughout the week, so you can prepare for each one without becoming frazzled. It is suggested that three to five “coffee dates” are a good amount to keep a steady flow of client interest, but booking too much may also become overwhelming. Remember, this is an integral part of the buying and selling process, but only if you and your client are both wholeheartedly committed – stay focused and keep a tight schedule that allows you to place these appointments ahead of everything else.