Leadership Spotlight: Bryan Garity

Leadership Spotlight: Bryan Garity

Bryan Garity is a top real estate agent for Keller Williams, located in the metro area of San Diego, California.


Bryan Garrity

What does Bryan do?

Bryan Garrity is a top real estate agent for Keller Williams, located in the metro area of San Diego, California. He has been working in this market for the past fifteen years, and acquired a law degree prior to his profession in real estate. The monetary transactions of his business have grossed $300 million, demonstrating a high professionalism in the real estate market.

Why do people enjoy working with him?

Bryan states that the overall success rate in client satisfaction is a  9/10. While there is “a wild card every once in a blue moon,” clients are almost always pleased with the business he conducts. He claims that his biggest fear in business would be to have a disappointed client.

This is proven further in the way he interacts with clients. Bryan is “a relationship kind of guy,” – which is extremely important in the real estate field! He is a self-proclaimed confident worker, who obtains immense dedication to real estate. Bryan believes that clients should be treated like family, which is exactly what he does. He genuinely cares about his clients, and works hard to walk them through each step of their business transactions, and is always willing to negotiate with them, when necessary.

How has technology changed his business?

The number one aspect of real estate that technology has changed, according to Bryan, is the process of networking. The benefit of technology includes the excess amount of information that is available to clients, but a problem occurs when the information is not always correct. Clients are able to search for listings, Realtors, open houses, etc., by themselves, but they may not always be receiving the right information. Because of this, it is still important for clients to seek professional guidance – much like himself – when dealing with real estate transactions.

Bryan’s Realtor experience

Bryan had been a top producer at Keller Williams for many years, until running into some major-medical roadblocks, which hindered his ability to work quite a bit. Thankfully, he is now on the rebound from his medical setbacks, and has been thriving in the real estate market – he has even been named the number one agent for the past month!

Bryan portrays a poster representation of real estate achievement, demonstrating how perseverance and hard work can lead to success, even under unfortunate circumstances. He claims that he owes his overall triumph to the assistance of his clients, stating how good it feels “to have clients that support you, no matter what.”