Seller Questions: Answered

We understand that selling a home is an anxiety-ridden process - we hope our answers help.

Selling a home is a difficult and emotional process for a seller. It is the one that cannot (or should not) be done without a real estate agent, and many questions follow suit. There are huge differences across real estate firms in terms of compensation, contracts, listings, etc. Inevitably, this calls for an excess amount of confusion and questions regarding the process as a whole. We’re here to give the sellers some answers:

1. How experienced is my agent?

This is a question homeowners always contemplate yet rarely voice. Sellers sometimes find it rude to ask the agent about their past professional successes and failures – but they shouldn’t be. Typically, an agent touches on their own track record during the listing meeting with a seller. Effectively, it’s the only way they can sell their services to a customer. However, if you haven’t received this information, never hesitate to ask. The range of experience will differ from one agent to another, but they should be ready to fulfill such a request right away.

2. How will you market my home’s listing?

Again, this is something that should be brought up during a listing meeting. Each agent has their own strategies for listings, but most will use a listing platform such as Zillow, BoomTown, or Great Agent to make sure a home is public on the market.

3. How will everything be communicated?

Real estate agents are generally skilled at seller questionscommunicating with their clients. When a home is being sold, there is a lot of information that must be communicated to the seller. An agent and a seller must be constantly in touch with one another throughout the entirety of the process. Agents may do this in many different ways, but phone calls are usually the best way to go. It is a fast easy way to get information across instead of sending an email that may be overlooked. Whichever way your agent decides to do this, you will not be left in the dark.

4. How long will the selling process take?

Many agents will come up with a game plan for their sellers. For example, they may have a three-month thought-out plan to sell the home and get the keys into the hands of new tenants. Although nothing can be set in stone when selling a house, you still need to ask your agent for a list of milestones and make sure this approach suits your needs. Get a plan of the primary actions the agent is going to take, adjust it if needed, and let them worry about the secondary details.