Downsizing: How to Make It Easier for Clients

Downsizing: How to Make It Easier for Clients

Downsizing is a stressful time for clients but you have the power to make it a little easier on them.

downsizingWhatever the reason for downsizing, there is bound to be an element of stress on the part of the clients. Whether a larger house has become too much to take care of, family members have moved out, or they are simply in need and/or want of a smaller home, it is up to the real estate professional to make the process as easy as possible for the clients. Here are some tips for guaranteeing less stress:

1. Help your clients reassess their home necessities.

Especially if this is a client that you’ve had in the past (but even if it’s not) it is important to make sure that the client realizes that his or her needs will be changing. When buying a large home, there is more room for selectiveness – if you want three bedrooms, a jet tub, and a wooded backyard, that is much more plausible in a larger home than a smaller one. Before any searching can be done, it may be wise to sit down with the client and make sure what exactly they are looking for in their downsizing process.

2. What should stay and what should go?

It is hard to part with possessions, no matter who you are. Items carry sentimental value and it is difficult to get rid of materials that may be important to you. However, this is a necessary part of downsizing – bringing less stuff to a new place. This may be an important conversation to have with clients, regarding what they should bring to their new home and what should stay behind. Yes, the living room couch and family albums are a good idea. But the additional loveseats in the basement may have to go.

3. Look at downsizing as a savings opportunity.

Downsizing may be a sad time for some clients, but no matter what the reason is, every client will be saving more money in the long run. If it is seen through this lens, it doesn’t seem so bad. Mentioning to the client how they will have more money for excursions, hobbies, or home improvements may make the process a little less saddening and a little more exciting.