Optimizing For Local SEO

Optimizing For Local SEO

Search engine optimization has many tiers. On the broadest level, it involves an awareness of the keywords and key concepts that the general market is

Search engine optimization has many tiers. On the broadest level, it involves an awareness of the keywords and key concepts that the general market is interested in. Making use of Google and Facebook can give you an insight into these trends and suggest directions in which to take your keyword utilization.

Local SEO, however, can remain untapped in the service of loftier generation goals. It is important not to overlook this crucial component of marketing, especially for such locally-dependent fields as real estate. Here are a few beginning tips that can help you maximize the reach of your local SEO.

Google My Business

Have you ever gone to Google to check the hours for a local sushi restaurant and found that not only are no hours listed, but there is no phone number or website to be found? Whereas some companies boast Google My Business profiles replete with images, reviews, and even overviews of their busiest times of the day, others can be found desperately lacking.

Such a dearth of information can be an immediate red flag or turn-off to a potential customer. While consumers are often willing to go to great lengths to research their investments and make sure they are comfortable with the deal they are getting, many will give up and move on to the next provider when they find that basic information is not as accessible as it could be.

Make it as easy as possible for your clients to find and make use of your services by claiming and updating your Google My Business profile with hours, addresses, means of contact, and even photos. Just like trying to sell a home, the first sale you will make to a potential client will be the sale of your business. Google My Business is a simple way to attract clients.

Facebook, Craigslist, and other virtual marketplaces

Facebook allows you both to manage your online presence in one of the most well-trafficked arenas possible and to put your finger on the pulse of the consumers in your area. Facebook’s search function allows you to filter for location and topic, to see related businesses and profiles, and in general get a fair snapshot of what the local culture looks like.

You can also use Facebook and Craigslist to glean insight into the keywords that are most important to consumers in your area. It also allows you to do research on your competitors and figure out what types of services attract clients in your locale.

Mobile optimization

One very basic but crucial tenet of local search engine optimization is optimizing for mobile use. A large percentage of consumers find themselves more often in front of their phones than their computers. Most website hosting services make it automatic or very easy to optimize for mobile, so it is important that you take advantage of these features to make your business as accessible as possible to the widest scope of potential clientele.

In the end, what local SEO comes down to is accessibility. Your business should make clear within consumers’ first contact what it is you are offering and how best to reach you. Then, you can focus on convincing your clients that what you offer can’t be found anywhere else – but do not jump the gun and forget to make your offer accessible in the first place.