Top Producer – A Platform In Desperate Need Of An Upgrade

Kunversion - as they used to be called - is a lead generation provider that integrates a simple website, CRM, and marketing management into one solution.

What is Top Producer? This real estate CRM was developed over a decade ago, long before agents and brokers began getting smartphones. Unfortunately, Top Producer has been unable to keep up with the times and the brokers still using this CRM are experiencing a lower closing rate than some of their peers.

Their features are fairly limited in that you can’t do video text messaging, automatically scrub incoming leads, and their ability to customize the experience for your home buyers and sellers are slim to none. For example, you can’t change the home search experience for your clients. If you prefer your clients to be able to find properties in a different way than their standard layout, you will probably be struggling to achieve that goal.

What are the reviews of Top Producer?

As most real estate solutions, there is a mix of positive and negative reviews online. Here are some negatives that we found:

Support people are nice, but they don’t solve your problems.
The biggest thing wrong with this software is it has 2 different ways to enter addresses. One window parses the address, the other you enter as just one field. The first time you try to export your database, you’re shocked to find out that your address fields are shown in 2 different ways…”,
Monique B., rating Oct 9th 2017 on Yelp.


Compare with similar platforms

Source: Realty Leadership 2017 Study, “ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTIONS GUIDE” (click here to download the full study).

What solutions compete with Top Producer & how do they compare?

Top 5 Real Estate CRMs ranked by:

  • Return on Investment Comparison
  • Lead Volume Estimates
  • Lead Quality Scores & Test
  • Platform Functionalities Compared
  • Ease-of-use
  • Conclusion

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