Million Dollar Agents Share Their Top 5 Tips for Success

Million Dollar Agents Share Their Top 5 Tips for Success

The real estate market is an inconceivably huge industry, and it takes years and years for agents to earn the right to be called a professional. Learn 5 tips the true pros believe to be main pillars their success rests upon.

Here at GreatAgent, we met with some of our highest profiting clients from different locales to see what they believe to have led to their success. Many agents turn to workshops, books, and online/in-person coaching to jump-start their stagnant sales pipeline. Take these five tips and entrench them into your work:

Five Tips for Success in the Modern Market:

    1. Go Mobile: The highest grossing agents have all done a phenomenal job catering to the new generation of buyers by creating mobile websites and apps for their businesses. Internet users are moving from desktop to mobile at a growing pace, and if your business is to thrive, you should follow this trend.

    1. Know Your Customer: Whether you are showing homes to empty nesters or a young millennial family, you need to understand your market and show houses accordingly. Do not chase lofty commissions but instead understand your customer’s needs and adjust the manner in which you’re showing them houses accordingly.

    2. Be User-Friendly: Simply having a website or online presence does not cut it these days. Your site should be easy to navigate and aesthetically appealing. Poorly made websites are a turn-off for potential clients and really reflect the overall feel of your brand.

    3. Use Your Experience to Your Advantage: A mix of old-school real estate knowledge with new-school marketing is the way to go. Use your knowledge from previous sales to advise inexperienced sellers and buyers. Both of them are open to suggestions, and a simple tip here and there can go a long way.

    4. Communication is Key: Understand methods of communication with your clients. Emails and texts are becoming the norm, but interpersonal communication is still at the root of any successful real estate agent’s skill set. Integrity is everything, and listening is a skill that any successful agent needs to master.