How to Motivate Your Sales Team

Got a sluggish sales pipeline? Here's a guide on how to jumpstart your team


At the core of every successful real estate agency is a strong sales force. This group of employees is essentially the front line that potential clients first come into acquaintance with. This team generates leads and creates new opportunities in emerging housing markets so motivating your sales team is paramount.

With that being said, having a group of employees who operate at peak morale is critical. A good sales team is passionate about their work through both intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli. Motivation is a major key to ensuring that your sales team will thrive and there are numerous ways you can ensure this. The following are ideas on how to motivate your sales team.

Methods on Motivating Your Sales Team

Perhaps the most basic method on how to motivate your sales team is to incentive their production via bonuses. For example, if a representative contacts “x” amount of leads, then they would receive a “x” dollar bonus. Furthermore, managers can create sales competitions between their reps where the winner would be given bonuses.

Another way to motivate your sales team is to provide them with free material that can broaden their sales knowledge base. This material can be motivational books, tickets to seminars, or even links to thought provoking TedTalks. By gifting this material to your sales force, you show them that you care about their professional development.

Like every good sports team, chemistry is important in a group atmosphere. Your sales team is not a single entity, so ensuring that they work together efficiently is another key to proper motivation. By creating team-building activities outside of work, you can build camaraderie and genuine trust between your team members. Examples of this can be a team dinner, or even tickets to a sporting event.

In Conclusion

If selling real estate is your end goal then incorporating a strong, motivated sales team should be at the epicenter of your operational strategy. By doing so, more houses will be sold, more clients will be matched with agents, and new markets will be created for your real estate agency.