Neighborhood Features To Highlight

Neighborhood Features To Highlight

In addition to introducing your clients to elements of and figures in their potential new communities, there are many neighborhood features that you c

In addition to introducing your clients to elements of and figures in their potential new communities, there are many neighborhood features that you can highlight to make specific areas in the community more attractive to clients.

This goes beyond simply highlighting what is available, but how accessible it is. How walkable are the distances to various attractions? How well are the streets lit at night? Is there a community watch? Are there sidewalks and bike lanes on most of the major streets?

It only takes a little bit of research and investigation to ascertain these things, but it will give you an invaluable repertoire of tidbits to share with your clients that can make their new neighborhood seem that much more like home.

Restaurants and attractions

Many cities have their “claim to fame,” or some sort of hot spot that is popular around town. Some cities may even have multiple such locations that cater to different demographics. Your clients may want to take their kids to a new pizza place or have a date night at one of the more upscale restaurants.

Depending on where your community is located, it may boast bustling nightlife or, on the other hand, proximity to nature. Take a city guide and circle some of the most interesting things that you think may be attractive to your clients.

Activities for different lifestyles

If you are aware of any community groups in your area, let your clients know, whether these are book clubs, tea circles, or community sports. Share with your clients any information about local hiking trails and bike paths, scenic drives, or even the best places around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating on Halloween.

This is also another opportunity to highlight the proximity to community engagement hubs, like community centers, the YMCA, public pools and sports complexes, or libraries.

Stop by a few local businesses such as libraries and even grocery stores and check out the bulletin boards many of these establishments have posted near their entrances. These are often great places to find out about community efforts and events. Snap a picture or grab a few business cards and brochures to give to your clients.


Maybe the convenience store on the corner has the best prices, but the grocery complex a short drive away has a better selection. Familiarize yourself just a bit with these elements of the neighborhood so that you can show clients how easy it will be to maintain the necessities of living and keep themselves comfortable.

Point out nearby conveniences like free or cheap public parking or food co-ops. Where is the nearest USPS dropbox, if there is one in the neighborhood? Try to put yourself in the shoes of a resident and imagine what would make their lives easier.


Pay special attention to the features of the land and infrastructure around the neighborhood you are showcasing. Are there great sunset view over the hills to the west? What is the best place to view 4th of July fireworks? How is the parking on the street? Is the neighborhood sheltered by design from high winds?

Many of your clients may never ask questions about any of these aspects, nor should you be expected to memorize every possible angle from which someone could view a neighborhood. But if you study up and put yourself in the position of your clients and their neighbors, you will surely help them in their decision.