Leadership Spotlight: Stephanie Solomon and Paris Coleman

Leadership Spotlight: Stephanie Solomon and Paris Coleman

Stephanie Solomon Brown and Paris Coleman are both strong attributes to the SGE Realty team.

The mission of SGE Realty:

Stephanie Solomon and Paris Coleman are both strong attributes to the SGE Realty team. Owned and operated by Stephanie, SGE Realty is a client-driven company, striving to provide customers with the best experience imaginable by mixing technology with solid customer service.

Both Stephanie and Paris understand that technology is rapidly changing the style of real estate. In fact, Stephanie originally contacted Paris through Instagram, and they now run an extraordinary business together. Complete with eleven remarkable agents, SGE Realty is thriving, with an emphasis on providing their clients with whatever they need, whenever they may need it.

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Stephanie Solomon

Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie was originally a Hollywood caster before venturing into the real estate field, and has an amazing network with some of the most famous people in town. One of her most recent clients includes actor and comedian Kevin Hart. Stephanie sold Hart’s trainer an amazing property, leading Kevin to seek out her service as well, since he was blown away by her reputation. The transaction resulted in Stephanie getting him a multi-million-dollar property, and she is now likely to close well about ten million dollars in monetary transactions for the fiscal year.

It is no doubt that Stephanie is a talented real estate professional, who knows how to successfully do her job as a broker. After leaving the world of Hollywood casting, she worked as a mortgage broker until the market crashed. She then went on to be the personal assistant for one of the top real estate brokers, before creating her current company and team within SGE Realty.

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Paris Coleman

Who is Paris?

Paris is one of Stephanie’s talented real estate agents. She is extremely client-focused and has already brought in one other agent to the team, who saw how efficient her work ethic is. Last year Paris did a little over three million dollars in sales and she is aiming to double her number of transactions by the end of this year.

Paris is calm but direct when working with clients, leading to her ultimate success within the real estate business. She evokes a friendly aura when practicing customer service, allowing her to provide clients with a pleasant buying or selling experience, and to even maintain lasting relationships with new and existing clients.