Annie Fleeting: Five Keys for Real Estate Success

When it comes to real estate in the St. Petersburg area, there are few brokers that possess the experience and moxie that Ms. Annie Fleeting has. With

When it comes to real estate in the St. Petersburg area, there are few brokers that possess the experience and moxie that Ms. Annie Fleeting has. With over thirty years of real estate experience in Pinellas County, Fleeting has continued the tradition of success that her father started in 70’s in their property management business.

Ms. Fleeting has not only amassed success in the Tampa area, but also overseas in Scotland. Ms. Fleeting and her husband then took their business back to Florida, and the duo formed Coral Point Homes and later Beach Time Realty. In 2015, Fleeting become a franchise owner with NextHome, an up and coming real estate company with over 150 affiliates nationwide. NextHome Beach Time Realty bridges together Fleeting’s property management empire with digital marketing and management that is modern and consumer-centric.

Through NextHome, Beach Time Realty have taken their business to the next level. While they still are focused on selling, renting, renovating and managing properties, this new platform allows them the freedoms of operating as independent firm, but with new age digital marketing sensibilities. Ms. Fleeting’s success is a case study that all real estate professionals can learn from and aspire to.

Here are her five keys for real estate success:

  1. Be Consumer-centric: The client should always come first. They are not just a contract, and their listing is not just a URL. Show that you care about their needs and concerns, manage and renovate their homes as if they are your own, and always have a positive attitude. There is a reason why her client base comes back time after time;, and it is because Beach Time Realty always puts the consumer first.
  2. Stay up to date with technology: Many small firms that do not have huge budgets lack a quality website and digital presence. Over 90% over homebuyers start and finish their home search on the web, therefore catering to this community is key. Through our partnership with NextHome, Beach Time Realty not only has a all-inclusive, user friendly web interface, but also has a streamlined mobile platform as well. Multi-platform functionality is key with this younger generation of buyers. Nearly 48% of homebuyers are 25-44 years old and this number is only going to get bigger. Technology is something that is critical for you and your firm’s success.
  3. Think big picture: The situation you are in at the moment is not where you will be all of your life. Fleeting started out in the family business with her father and the property management business. Years later, Fleeting is a business owner and has found success in the US and overseas. Real estate agents can have a full portfolio of clients one day, and none the next. Your moxie and drive is what is going to determine your success.\
  4. Know Your Market: Fleeting is born and bred in St. Petersburg. This unique viewpoint has allowed her to appraise many houses in the area and generally understand her local market. At the core of any successful real estate professional is knowledge of the land. This knowledge can be reciprocated to the buyer.
  5. Be Conscious of Your Brand: As a real estate professional, you are a walking billboard. Your brand is essentially yourself and you need to be marketing yourself and networking anywhere you go. Whenever a consumer wants to look for homes in Pinellas County, I want them to be thinking of Beach Time Realty. Just like how someone associates Google for web searches and Xerox for copies, I want the similar association when it comes to Tampa area real estate.

Take this valuable insight Ms. Annie Fleeting has shared today and incorporate it to your business.