A Playbook for Team Leaders

A Playbook for Team Leaders

As a team leader, you must always do what is best for your team.

Team leaders do exactly what their title entails: they are leaders of their teams. With this title comes great responsibility. They are essentially in charge of the company’s agents and must make sure their team is functioning properly at all times. There is no right way to do this – but there are some tips to make the job a bit easier:

Know that you are not just a lead distributor

Some teams of agents see their team leaders solely as the person that gives them their leads each week. While this is an important delegation, it is not your only role. Your job extends well beyond handing out leads – and it is important that both you and your agents know this.

Act as a mentor, friend, and supervisor

As a team leader, you wear many hats. You are there to resolve conflicts and lead your team in the right direction. Because of this, you’ll have to know when which hat fits best in any given situation. Your team has to trust you and feel comfortable with you. They have to respect that you know what you are doing. But they also have to understand that you are still their boss. It is important to find a balance among all this.

Create a strong community

One of the most important jobs of a team leader is bringing your team together. A real estate firm cannot function properly if agents are competing against one another. While the role of a real estate agent is primarily a one-man job, the team must work well together as a cohesive unit and represent the brand of the company. Without a strong community, your team will inevitably implode. It is important to make sure, especially upon hiring, that each agent is a strong asset that will add to the skills and overall success of the team.