How to Improve Your Business Writing

How to Improve Your Business Writing

Maintaining a skill in business writing will increase your value as a real estate professional.

business writingMuch like in any business, real estate is a field in which writing is an important skill for both brokers and agents. More specifically, business writing is a skill that can either attract new clients or turn them away, depending on the level of talent in this specific category. We have compiled some tips that we found to be useful in our own business writing:

1. Think before you write.

Yes, this may seem like an obvious step – but many people write in a subconscious manner, typing away on their keyboards as quickly as their thoughts are forming. This can lead to confusing writing or poor grammar, which will lead clients to stop reading as soon as they find an error. Think about what you want to say and, more importantly, how you want to say it, before jotting it down. It will lead to more fluidity and cohesiveness in sentences.

2. Re-read everything you write.

It is human nature to be finished with something as soon as it is deemed complete. However, with writing it is always important to look over what you wrote before submitting it. We tend to write the way we speak which usually translates well, but sometimes can sound a bit confusing on paper. We also make mistakes, especially when we are writing quickly, and there may be spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors that we didn’t even think to fix the first time around. It is important to make sure writing is pristine before sending it out to clients.

3. Write in the way you want your business to be viewed.

Business writing is a great branding technique for businesses, depending on the way you voice your company. For example, writing in a simpler, more personable style may make your brokerage seem more approachable, and may be a good idea for small, local businesses with a few loyal clients. Writing in a colder, more professional manner, may make you seem more licensed to a client, and is typically a strategy used by large-name companies. The way in which you write has the power to brand your company in a certain light – just make sure you are doing so intentionally.