Tips to Turn FSBOs into Listings Using Facebook

Tips to Turn FSBOs into Listings Using Facebook

Facebook has assumed yet another role - now it's one of the most effective ways to market FSBO houses. Keep reading to find out why.

In 2005, the Tardiffs figured out what every homeowner or seller had dreamed of doing. Breaking out of the tradition that requires middlemen to sell or buy a house, the Tardiffs found a way to become the intermediaries themselves with the help of Facebook. Allocating $5 per day to run Facebook ads, the Tardiffs were able to target people living within a 20-mile radius of the 25 to 65-year-old house whose owners were interested in renting out. Within only 5 days of being on the market, they were able to receive multiple offers. And, more impressively, they got a full price offer and closed within 30 days. The rest is history.

Steps to repeat daily in order to successfully market FSBO houses on Facebook:

1. Make friends first, make money second

However counterintuitive that sounds, you’re not going to want to start aggressively selling your business at the beginning of your campaign. It’s just not the right time for that. You need to establish the reputation of a reliable subject matter expert on FSBO houses homeowners can always turn to for help. It’s always harder to convert FSBO sellers because they have opted out of using services of an agency in the first place. Often they refer their houses to agencies after they learn about risks and efforts it takes to sell a house without professional assistance. And here’s where you come into play.

2. The right thing at the right time

Facebook offers several blog post types that fit your purposes well. Pictures and videos can be embedded in the post without using YouTube or any other hosting. It makes perfect sense considering that video feature on Facebook keeps getting more and more traction, and the number of hits grows correspondingly. What you publish is crucial but when you publish it is no trifle either if you’re to attract a lot of organic traffic. You might want to check this article to find out the perfect time to post on Facebook.

3. Outreach and following up matters

Make sure you find 3-5 people every day you haven’t reached out to for 3 months or more. It’s high time to let them know you’re alive and sound! Reach them by whichever means convenient to you (email, phone, personal messages on Facebook, etc.) and simply ask them to visit your wall and comment and share a couple of your posts. This is essential to expanding organic traffic as it exploits what makes Facebook so powerful – networking, the domino effect. The more people know about you, the better your chances of getting a prospect are statistically.

By doing this daily for at least a year, you would be able to get 2000+ followers. While this might not seem like a large number, the quality of these followers will be sky-high, and so will the level of engagement.

Once you’ve earned your reputation as a savvy expert on FSBO houses, you can start running Facebook ads (increasing the volume slowly and gradually.) This is another tactic that we have found to work surprisingly well. It’s a post of a similar nature. One of our brokers is getting 3-5 listings from former FSBO sellers weekly – by following the steps we described and creating engaging posts like the one in the picture – amazing success everyone with a desire can attain. There is no magic, just behavioral psychology.

4. A shortcut to simplify things while not impairing quality

While the magic recipe to the success we laid out above may sound like no big deal, it’s not that easy. It is no rocket science, true, but the process requires dedication, creativity, and time. Coming up with unique content people are going to love isn’t easy, and that’s why we will show you how to save time, energy, and ultimately money because of a higher conversion rate. Best brokers we are acquainted with told us that their hourly rate, roughly calculated, amounts to $300 per hour or more. With the comp this high, it really hurts to spend so much time on SMM campaigns. That’s why most of the top-tier brokers often find it more cost-effective to buy a real estate CRM such as Great Agent (ranked #1 of 14) or Zillow (ranked #9 of 14) that both have the ability to generate listing appointments. You can get familiar with our study on real estate CRMs at this link.

Marketing FSBO houses on Facebook can get tricky at first, but it’s a routine for the most part once you’ve gotten a grasp of it. It never ceases to be a time-consuming endeavor though. So if your budget allows, you should consider if it’s more financially expedient in the long-run to invest in the software that generates listings than to spend time doing it on your own by traditional means.