Don’t Lose Leads! Follow Our Tips

Don’t Lose Leads! Follow Our Tips

Lead conversion can be difficult, but we can help.

Leads are a great way to gain new clients, but if they’re being lost then they are essentially pointless – leads only work if you are able to convert them into clients!


So, what’s the best way to guarantee that leads won’t be lost? While there isn’t one surefire way that works for every person, there are some helpful tips that can help tremendously with lead conversion:

1. Compile all leads into one place.

Leads can be difficult to keep track of, which is why keeping them all in the same place will make it much easier when it comes to conversion. Sites such as Zillow,, and Great Agent can help in keeping all your leads organized, as well as sending you notifications regarding them. This will also help increase your “speed to lead,” as you will spend less quantities of time trying to generate and convert leads – in the end, you’ll gain much more, much faster!

2. Keep cold leads.

While it is definitely unfortunate when a lead goes cold (especially unexpectedly, after you’ve put in work for them!) you shouldn’t let it get to you. It can be easy to get angry and simply throw away cold leads but keeping them categorized together can actually be really helpful. They may have ghosted you the first time around, but maybe they’ll be more interested the second time around. It is always possible to revive cold leads, and sometimes all a potential client needs is a bit of persistence.

3. Keep exemplary service.

In the end, it is about the service, not the sale. Many clients care more about how they are treated during a real estate transaction, rather than the overall transaction itself. Make sure you are always treating leads as if they are loyal clients you’ve known for years – especially since they very well might be, if you play your cards right!