Client Guides To Publish On Your Social Media

Client Guides To Publish On Your Social Media

More than just providing a service, you as a real estate agent provide information to a current and prospective clients alike. You should be invested

More than just providing a service, you as a real estate agent provide information to a current and prospective clients alike. You should be invested in creating a reputation as a professional who has the answers to the questions people have not even thought to ask yet.

Knowing which questions to ask is the first step to empowering your clients, which will have positive ripple effects in your local economy and morale as well as the future of your business. It will also put you more in touch with the needs of your clients and the perspectives they have, as well as the way those perspectives differ from your own.

Publishing guides to common issues that clients face in the real estate arena means that you are taking proactive steps to meet their needs and to make sure that they have the best experience possible, whether it is their first time working with you or buying or selling a home, or they are loyal clients who trust and look to you for advice on a wide range of topics.


Real estate transactions require a host of interactions with different types of people. Some of your clients may make a habit of perusing Craigslist or other personal postings, meaning that it is important to them to be able to trust the people they are dealing with. You can publish a guide to vetting the laypeople your clients may come into contact with. Doing so will help them feel more secure and more confident in their dealings with people.

You can also offer advice on how to vet real estate professionals. This is an approach that will benefit you as well, because it gives you the opportunity to look at your professional profile from a client’s perspective and make changes or add emphasis to your public persona. It also subtly communicates that you are confident in your own ability to stand up to scrutiny, especially in comparison to your competition.


Relocation can be an incredibly stressful but also incredibly rewarding experience for clients and agents alike. It gives you the opportunity to offer insight into the full process of buying and selling a home, and to demystify for your clients what is often an extremely daunting endeavor.

Buy vs. rent

Many clients find themselves somewhat in limbo when it comes to deciding what kind of investment to make in their living accommodations. For different people, buying and renting can serve different purposes in their lives. One endeavor may be more suitable to a certain demographic, while others may just need the push to consider another option.

Publishing a buy versus rent guide can show that you are attuned to the different needs of different segments of the population, as well as to the different options available for prospective homebuyers.

Highlighting different types of real estate professionals

You have worked hard to get where you are. As a team leader or broker, you can offer something more than a real estate agent or other type of consultant could. Use this opportunity to highlight the benefits of your own brand of business.

Each of these guides can be an opportunity not only to connect with clients and meet their needs, but also to build your own reputation and highlight your skill set, in addition to bolstering your social media presence. All of these are crucial in an evolving digital marketplace.