Breaking news:  1,700 Boomtown Clients’ Map Searches are Broken

Breaking news: 1,700 Boomtown Clients’ Map Searches are Broken

About 1,700 of Boomtown’s websites broke this morning as Google released new restrictions on using Google maps. Home buyers and sellers alike are met with ‘Oops! Something went wrong’

Chelsea was just getting her day started, and after a quick cup of coffee, she was ready to check if any new properties had come on the market that would match her price range of $1 – $1.2 million in the popular Clarksville area in Austin, TX.

Much like millions of other Americans, she went to the website of her Realtor©, which in her case belonged to the famous Jay Papasan, who aside from running a real estate team in Austin, is perhaps better known as the New York Times bestseller, having written most of KW founder Gary Keller’s books.

Like most people, Chelsea knows that in real estate, it’s all about the location, so she always does her home searches using the map feature. But unlike most other home searches, Papasan’s website doesn’t have a functioning map search, since their website is built by and maintained by Boomtown, a real estate software company.

The reason that many of Boomtown’s clients’ websites are not working this morning is because Google announced about 1 year ago that changes would be made to their map search functionality to further restrict software providers, such as Boomtown, to do those type of searches for free.

We will keep updating the story over the next few hours…

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