“Series” To Add To Your Online Presence

“Series” To Add To Your Online Presence

One classic conundrum for those who are trying to establish a professional social media presence is this: How do you keep people coming back for more

One classic conundrum for those who are trying to establish a professional social media presence is this: How do you keep people coming back for more content? Of course, turning these people who come back into clients is the ultimate goal, but before you can do that, you need to actually get those people hooked.

If only it were as simple as keeping track of which types of content – whether type of medium, type of topic, or any number of categories – got the most engagement or correlated with the most traffic or leads. This is definitely something to pay attention to, but believe it or not, even these types of investigations are a luxury for many businesses.

The fact is, you only get so long, and so many attempts, to figure out what works for your potential customer base before they decide that you don’t have a presence worth following. There are a finite number of people in your market, and if you think that “no impression” isn’t an impression – think again. A lackluster first impression on social media can be a major deterrent for future traffic. And an underwhelming or scattered second or third impression can be devastating.

Clients stay engaged when you do, too

A simple but effective way to keep people coming is by writing or publishing in a series format. Series can take many forms, and many forms can exist within a single series. You can create a series of short video clips accompanied by a series of articles expanding on those topics. You could create a photo series showcasing recently sold or currently-on-the-market properties, or an advice column series outlining common pitfalls for first-time homebuyers.

Working in a series format will not only give potential customers a reason to come back for more, but it will give you an incentive to keep putting content online instead of falling into a lull. By starting a series last week, you create an expectation that this week or next week, you will follow up. Not only can your clients expect that of you, but you should expect it of yourself.

It doesn’t have to be linear – in fact, that’s better

Don’t be misled by the heading; your series itself should be as linear as possible. But don’t expect that the only benefits or leads that you generate from series work will follow the linear pattern. A series can pique interest long after it starts and even after it ends.

Consider someone visiting your website, blog, or Facebook page for the first time. They see that you have published a post that says it is part of a series. Hopefully, you have helpfully linked to the most recent¬†and/or the first element of the series, or if it’s a photo or video, added it to an easily accessible overall album.

In this way, you link the elements of your online presence together and create a more holistic and cohesive experience for anyone who happens upon you, regardless of at which stage in the process they first encounter you.