Receiving Positive Feedback from Every Listing Meeting

Receiving Positive Feedback from Every Listing Meeting

Any listing meeting is difficult - we have some tips to make them more successful.

Conducting a listing meeting can be stressful, and while we all hope they will go well and end with a contract, that is not always the case. Sometimes buyers back out of a deal, sometimes they find someone else to work with, and sometimes they simply aren’t as interested or prepared or whatever it is to buy a home at that time. While this may seem disheartening, there are a few tips we’ve found that make listing meetings go a little smoother – and have a higher success rate.

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1. Don’t list statistics.

Yes, statistics are an important part of listing meetings – it shows the accomplishments of the real estate professional giving the presentation and allows the client to see a physical number that measures success. But statistics are also boring. Many people make the mistake of listing out their stats at the beginning of a listing meeting – this doesn’t intrigue the client any more than giving a math lesson would. A better tactic would be to begin with a story relating to the statistics, and to have them listed on a slide to be referred to.

2. Know the client.

Before coming into the meeting, you should know everything about what they want from their move. From home size to neighborhoods to bedrooms to styles to appliances – you shouldn’t have to ask your client any questions; rather, they should be the ones to ask you what you would recommend according to your knowledge of what they are looking for.

3. Show your accomplishments.

Listing meetings give you a chance to brag a bit – but not too much. You are essentially selling yourself to the client by displaying why exactly they should work with you. Don’t be modest! If you just signed a large contract, or you have a highly positive success rate with clients, let your customer know – your successes are what builds your professional profile, and your clients will want to know exactly what you can accomplish.