Leadership Spotlight: Joseph Bograd and his Five Keys of Real Estate Success

Joseph Bograd has made a name for himself as one of the foremost authorities in Buck/Montgomery County real estate. Having amassed upwards of $300 million in overall sales, he is here to give you some of his real estate tips.

With over 15 years of experience under his belt, Joseph Bograd has made a name for himself as one of the foremost authorities in Bucks/Montgomery County real estate. Born and bred in Bucks County, Mr. Bograd knows the land through and through and has been helping buyers find their dream homes.

With this keen viewpoint, Mr. Bograd has amassed over $300 million in overall sales. What makes his buying experience different than other area real estate agents is his charismatic attitude with clients, coupled with a heightened knowledge of the market. While Mr. Bograd’s main sales are within the Buck/Montgomery counties, he also serves as an agent in the greater Philadelphia area. Mr. Bograd attentively makes sure that he meets his client’s needs. Whether the consumer is in the market for a quaint townhouse or a lavish mansion, Joseph makes it his priority to find a house that meets his client’s budget and needs.

Being that Mr. Bograd started his business in 2001, he has fully immersed himself with the digital and mobile age. His online presence is strong on platforms such as Zillow and Google, and his brand is constantly growing, furthering upon his already polished reputation. The instant feedback and reviews he receives online are paramount to him connecting with clients and better understanding their needs.

Joseph’s Five Keys to Real Estate Success:

  1. Know your market: Always know the trends of home sales in your area and surrounding regions. Be aware of everything from shopping centers, schools, hospitals to highways. These will effect the lives of your clients so they are important to know.
  2. Be organized with your clients: Group your leads in tiers such as 200k-300k, or 500k+ to better understand what each person wants to see and potentially buy.
  3. Be savvy with technology: List yourself on Zillow, Realtor.com, and other comparable sites. Have a strong website and establish yourself on various social media platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Careful though, you are representing your brand at all times, so produce meaningful content.
  4. Always connect and be on the lookout for new leads: You are a walking sales pitch wherever you go. Don’t be pushy, just be warm and charming to those you meet. You never know when an acquaintance can become a potential client.
  5. Sales are not everything: Commission is the goal at the end of the day, but creating a mutually beneficial relationship is why you are in the real estate business. You are assisting people in making the biggest investment of their lives and you want to leave a solid, lasting impression on your clients

Take these tips from an industry insider and apply them to your real estate practice.

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