Apps to Help With Your Real Estate Website

Apps to Help With Your Real Estate Website

These apps will make managing and maintaining a strong real estate website much easier.

appsAs real estate technology keeps growing, it is important to keep a strong web presence in order to maintain a steady client base. There are many real estate apps that are designed specifically to help with this – everything from designing, to building, to updating a real estate website can be achieved with the assistance of some very helpful real estate apps:

1. Sequence

Sequence will both design and build your real estate website. It is also a marketing platform used widely across brokerages. It helps brokers in portraying a fresh and modern look to their clients, with a website that will certainly stand out. It includes custom WordPress tools and efficient content management devices. It is a higher-end application, usually used by larger brokerages, and while it will give you everything you are looking for, it will require a lot of attention and manual effort in order to make sure it functions the ways in which you wish. It is a good idea for a company looking to modernize its image, but only if it has enough time for the product, or enough money to fund a design team.

2. Canva

Canva is an app that has risen in popularity throughout recent years, and is now used widely by businesses across the country. It is an app used to create images and graphics, and is extremely user-friendly. Canva lets you create everything from social media graphics to web banners to menus and brochures – all of which can benefit you when designing a website. The best part of all – Canva is completely free to use! Some graphics may cost money depending on the design, but if you are looking for a quick and easy way to add some graphics to your website, Canva is the way to go.

3. Refresh

This app isn’t website-specific but it will still help tremendously when trying to maintain a strong web presence. Refresh is used by many agents and brokers and does exactly what it says – refreshes everything in your phone. This is extremely helpful when managing a website because a tool such as this will update you with any new notifications you may have missed and will notify you immediately if a user has a question or a comment has been posted.